Managed Service
23rd September 2017

Personal Service Company

£45.00 on the 1st of each month

The NetPayroll Bureau service is for accounting firms or payroll teams within a mid-sized or larger organisation needing an outsourced payroll solution at a lower cost.

First payment: 1st June 2024

The  NetPayroll Personal Service Company service is a payroll solution for businesses that only pay their owner/directors but who do not want to be responsible for processing their own payroll but are looking for a cost-effective outsourced payroll processing service.

  1. Outsourced PAYE
  2. Secure, Cloud-Based
  3. Fully Supported
  4. Own Branding
  5. Integrations
  6. Compatible with accounting packages

The relevant data of your employees is entered and our software calculates the details you need to provide payslips to staff, reports to pay HMRC and meet the RTI submission requirements. You have 24/7 access to your payslips and reports that are easily searchable. Our self-service payroll is provided with the peace of mind that your payroll is reviewed by our team of payroll professionals before each pay period is closed on your behalf. Telephone assistance for processing is also available.

  • Easy To Run – Whether you choose a managed or self-service package
  • Secure System – Secure online access to your outsourced payroll system.
  • Managed PAYE – HMRC approved and RTI compliant payroll software.
  • e-Payslips – Employees can download their payslips online.

*No Auto Enrolment, For Director-Owner companies only