About NetPayroll & RTI

Netpayroll uses fully RTI complaint software for all it’s services, both Full Bureau and Self Service. Our Self Service Payroll makes use of the first Payroll system to have gained HMRC RTI recognition and to have been successfully tested and used by RTI Pilot Scheme members. The Netpayroll Self Service Payroll software was developed by one of the first companies to have gained HMRC Payroll accreditation when the Payroll accreditation scheme was first introduced seven years ago. The Payroll functions of the software are comprehensive and include everything you need to run your payroll. The software behind our Self Service Payroll has for many years been happily used over the cloud by companies with thousands of employees as well as by companies with just one employee. Our Full Bureau Service also utilises software that has gained MRC RTI accreditation and is provided by one of the main providers of software to the accounting and payroll market.

With Self Service Payroll you can now do your RTI pay run from any Internet point securely over the https, be it at your office, at home or on the move, 24 x 7. Similarly, your employees can also view/print their own payslips or P60 etc, securely from their office or from the comfort of their own home.

We treat data security and privacy with the utmost of care and have chosen a software solution from a provider who is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited so your data security and privacy is assured.

We would like to welcome you to this innovative new service. All prices quoted are transparent with absolutely no hidden costs. The points below cover what you need to know about RTI and what is now required follwing the change from EOY (End Of Year) reporting.


Yes. Netpayroll’s Payroll systems are RTI ready for you to use today. If you sign up on or after 6th April 2013 you will be automatically enrolled into RTI Payroll.


RTI is short for Real Time Information. There is no major difference between how you run a RTI Payroll pay run and the previous EOY payroll pay run. The only thing to remember is that with RTI there is a requirement to e-file your RTI returns whenever you complete a pay period pay run or make payments to your employees. If you pay your employees weekly, your RTI FPS return will have to be done weekly, plus the EPS to be filed monthly (Please read what EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR EYU means separately for more details). If you pay your employees monthly, your RTI FPS file and EPS returns will need to be done monthly.

All the required eReturns are automatically compiled and made ready to be sent once you have processed and approved your payroll for the period. Once your payroll has been approved we will be notified and will e-file the returns for each period to the HMRC. All the P6, P9 and SL1, etc, tax codes or other updates will be done automatically for you.


EAS – Employer Alignment Submission
FPS – Full Payment Submission
EPS – Employer Payment Summary
NVR - National Insurance Verification Request
EYU – Earlier Year Update