Netpayroll is a complete online payroll solution that allows you:

  • Administer your company’s payroll online
  • Comply with your PAYE requirements from HMRC
  • Provide 24/7 access to employee wage slips and reports
  • Access to professional tax and accounting advice
  • SSL encryption and two-tier authentication for sensitive data

The benefits of Netpayroll:

  • HMRC compliant payroll solution for every type and size of business
  • Secure and instant access to your payslips and reports
  • Full control over timesheet, employee and employer data
  • No prior knowledge of PAYE required
  • Useful resources for PAYE issues and questions

Our Approach

Netpayroll offers two payroll solutions

Self Service – you enter the relevant data of your employees and our software calculates the details you need to provide payslips to staff, reports to pay HMRC and meet the RTI submission requirements.

You have 24/7 access to your payslips and reports that are easily searchable.

Our self service payroll is provided with the peace of mind that your payroll is reviewed by our team of payroll professionals before each pay period is closed on your behalf. Telephone assistance for processing is also available using our premium rate phone line.

Payroll Bureau Service – your payroll is entirely administered by our payroll professionals and you are provided with secure online access to your employee payslips. We take responsibility for all reporting and submission of data to HMRC and meeting the RTI submission requirements


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