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Netpayroll integrates with pension providers so that you can easily manage the process of auto-enrolment for your employees.

Auto enrolement demo video

Netpayroll uses fully RTI complaint software for all it’s services, both Full Bureau and Self Service.


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NetPayroll is an online payroll service that is second to none, delivering precise, professional and tailor-made RTI compliant payroll services whilst being simple to use and competitively priced. We provide an online payroll service that is straight forward and can be run by you, with pricing that eliminates any hidden and often expensive extras. We offer a client operated and/or a bureau operated RTI payroll solution putting our service way above other outsourced payroll service providers.

Our team of skilled payroll experts at our Surrey base are both personable and professional, enabling expedient and friendly communication when questions need to be asked. Effectively our team at NetPayroll transform into becoming your own payroll department providing straightforward reports and easy communication. Our online payroll services are made to suit each individual client, whether you opt for a fully comprehensive outsourced payroll service or our client operated self-service package.

NetPayroll uses up-to-date RTI software for both Full Bureau and Self Service packages. Using NetPayroll you are able to do your RTI pay run from any Internet point safely and securely over the https, whether you’re on the go, at home or situated in the office.

Our RTI payroll software is HMRC approved and makes the whole payroll process simpler for employers by automating the submission of monthly RTI documents. It also provides for all your other payroll requirements. It will advise HMRC electronically of starters and leavers, update tax codes automatically and enable employees to login and collect their own payslips. It is also fully enabled to provide a simple and straight forward means of compliance with the new auto enrolment pension legislation.

The Netpayroll Self Service online payroll service has been specifically designed for small companies run by owners/directors who have found that they have had to change from one annual pay run to 12 regular monthly pay runs in order to comply with RTI payroll requirements and incurred the resulting 12 fold increase in payroll processing fees. NetPayroll Self Service can get those processing costs down again with the peace of mind that a payroll professional can assist if and when necessary.

We encourage UK and Surrey businesses to take full advantage of this innovative new service so get in contact with us now to get a quote on our online RTI payroll service packages. All of our prices are completely true with no hidden or secret cost implications.


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NetPayroll ……The best payroll solution for UK businesses.